Fort Benning

Fort Benning History and Culture

Fort Benning Georgia has shaped the Columbus area since its inception, providing a major economic staple to local residents, including military manufacturing and shipping.  Its mission has been to “produce the world’s finest combat infantrymen,” and as such has developed a number of five star generals through the years.

Due to the area’s climate, terrain, and multiple types of transportation outlets, Fort Benning Army Base was established in 1918 as an army camp which provided basic training for World War I units.  With no need for troops after the war ended it was closed until the 1930’s when permanent buildings were constructed and the Infantry School was put into place.  The fort was named for Brigadier General Henry L. Benning, a prominent figure, lawyer, judge, a Confederate General in the American Civil War and a Columbus resident.

Through the years, Fort Benning has trained battalions of army personnel, paratroopers in airborne units, smoke jumpers for firefighting, CIA personnel trained in explosives and sabotage, and scout dogs to detect enemy ambushes in the field.  It is a training ground that has purposefully branched out from its original purposes to be more versatile in its training breadth, becoming a forerunner in areas of training which had not been previously done.  Currently there is an Infantry School and an Armor School on the army base.  In the words of the Fort Benning Maneuver Center of Excellence:

“The Infantry School transforms civilians into disciplined Infantrymen that possess the army values, fundamental soldier skills, physical fitness, character, confidence, commitment, and the warrior ethos to become adaptive and flexible Infantrymen ready to accomplish the mission of the Infantry.”

“The Armor school educates, trains, and inspires America’s Armored Soldiers and leaders for a lifetime of service to the nation; prepared to close with and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver as part of a combined arms team.”

Fort Benning is parsed into four sections, each part of which has its own unique purpose and focus.  The Fort Benning areas include the Main Post for a number of garrison and FORSCOM units, Kelley Hill for combat teams and armored battalions, Sand Hill for the Infantry Training Brigade and the Basic Combat Training Brigade, and Harmony Church for the US Army Armor School, sniper, and reconnaissance, surveillance, and ranger schools.

In 2009 the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center opened, standing just outside the Fort Benning gates.  The facility pays homage to the infantrymen who have fought for our country, and helps to educate the public by displaying artifacts which specifically relate to the infantry’s role in shaping the nation’s history over the last one-hundred years.

Fort Benning is well known throughout the national military community.  It has been featured in a number of movies, both fictional and documentary, played as the backdrop in a number of television series, has been the subject of many books, contemporary music lyrics, and even as a real-life visual frame of reference for a few video games.  Fort Benning has been a driving force in the Columbus area, providing a large amount of economic support and initiating commerce.  The presence of Fort Benning provides a unique energy and stability, positively influencing the surrounding communities which it touches.

Fort Benning Housing

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